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Hymenoplasty (Hymen Repair surgery/ Revirgination)


Hymen is a thin membrane at the lower part of vagina which usually gets ruptured during first inter course of vigorous physical activity. Intact hymen is considered sign of virginity by some.

Ruptured hymen can be repaired by the current plastic surgery techniques thus restoring the virginity.

The procedure is usually a day care procedure and the person goes home after few hours of the surgery.

This is one of the fastest growing segment in plastic surgery.

Confidentiality of the person is maintained strictly during and after the procedure.

Duration of surgery : 45 - 60 minutes
Anaesthesia : Local anesthesia/regional anaesthesia with sedation
Hospital stay : less than a day
Recovery time : normal routine activities allowed after 2nd day. After the procedure intercourse to be avoided for 3 months.
Results : permanent till sexual encounter or strenuous physical activity

For getting Hymenoplasty done in India, Dehradun is the best place. You can enjoy your vacations as well as plan the cosmetic procedure. You relax and recover in the pleasant climate and having picturesque view ,taking time out from your busy routine life. Your confidentiality is also maintained.

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