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Gynaecomastia - Surgery for Male Breast


Gynaecomastia (often referred to as 'man boobs') is the enlargement of male breast tissue. The condition appears as a rubbery or firm mass that starts from underneath the nipples and then spreads outwards over the breast area. The tissue is enlargement of glandular tissue and is not fat tissue. Gynaecomastia can happen in males of any age or weight.

This often embarrassing condition is actually quite common and can affect one or both breasts. The development of this breast tissue is often influenced by hormones called oestrogens that are usually low in men. During puberty, due to an imbalance in the hormones a tender Gynaecomastia may develop and boys who develop Gynaecomastia at this stage of their life may out grow it within a few years or by the time they are 20 years old. In otherwise healthy men Gynaecomastia may develop due to metabolic changes whilst other types of Gynaecomastia can be due to other health problems as well as by the taking of some medications for example steroids. In the vast majority of cases there is no known cause.

Excess breast tissue in men with Gynaecomastia is made up of fatty tissue or glandular tissue or in some cases a combination of both. Extra skin may also make the breast area look bigger. The type of surgery required will depend largely on the type of tissue you have. Fatty tissue can be removed by liposuction whilst glandular tissue requires surgical removal. A combination of fatty and glandular tissue requires a combined approach.

Duration of the procedure : 1 ½- 2 hrs
Anaesthesia : general/local anaesthesia
Hospital stay : 1day
Recovery time : normal routine activities allowed the same day.
Results : extremely satisfying and long-lasting

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