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Dimple Creation Surgery


People do request for this procedure to add to their beauty.

Young girls and boys usually come requesting dimples as of Bipasha Basu or Shahrukh Khan.

So if you are beautiful and want to add more attractiveness to your face then Dimple Creation is in vogue today.

Dimples can be made on one side or both the cheeks. They can be visible all the time or appear only when the person smiles

It takes only 30 minutes for each dimple to be created. Procedure is done under local Anaesthesia and one can go back home the same day.

Some amount of cheek swelling is expected for few days and the result usually becomes evident once the swelling subsides.

Duration of surgery : 30 minutes to 1 hour
Anaesthesia : Local anaesthesia
Hospital stay : few hours
Recovery time : normal routine activities allowed the same day. Some amount of cheek swelling is expected after the procedure which usually subsides after few days.
Results : extremely satisfying and long-lasting

For getting Dimple creation done in India, Dehradun is the best place. You can enjoy your vacations as well as plan the cosmetic procedure. You relax and recover in the pleasant climate and having picturesque view ,taking time out from your busy routine life. Your confidentiality is also maintained.

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