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After Pregnency Make Over


This is not a single cosmetic surgery procedure, but rather a series of Cosmetic Surgeries that can help new mothers regain their shape. Many a times, after pregnancy the body skin becomes loose and flabby which does not gets corrected after any amount of exercise or strict diet regimen. There are number of change that occurs in the breast that makes them loose, bulky and unappealing.

By this make over one can regain the per-pregnancy body contour which usually is desired by the young mothers.

This makeover includes one or all of the following procedures: liposuction, a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and breast lift. Together, these procedures can undo most of the damage caused by the stress of child birth and pregnancy. Moreover it can add to boost the self esteem of the young mother.

The scars are usually extension of the C-section scar or planned in such a way that they are hidden or inconspicuous. This procedure has gained popularity in the recent times.

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